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2014 new year lucky hung wrist Red

July 5, 2016

The beginning of 2014, election watch started thriving a year. To Bonanza, red table wants to make their extraordinary, absolute lack of not returning the watch to help delivery wants King on the wrist, the Tourbillon is definitely the support line; you want to pleasure both fame and fortune, also see minute repeater mechanism of baking. Flying Tourbillon, recurrent, Minute Repeater, sections are a good start to the year of 2014 watch, which is your type?

L.U.C XPS thin watches the Hubble Red

L.U.C XPS thin watches the Hubble Red

Chopard L.U.C XPS series with simple and succinct, showing slim watch the beauty of classic watches. Only in the 7.13mm table, devices made by Chopard L.U.C 96.12-L Oris automatic movement, power reserve up to 65 hours, through a transparent back cover, movement details can be clearly appreciated show Chopin professional watchmaking skills. 18K rose gold case match the Hubble red face plate with crocodile leather strap, dial and bezel as integration, creating smooth, slim and stylish lines of the exterior, drunk people Bo in red inside and couldn't hide the taste of Regal, people can not help but look at a few more eyes.

Mille Miglia Zagato chronograph running Red

Mille Miglia Zagato chronograph running Red

Mille Miglia Zagato Chronographs were Chopin and legendary design door, crystallization of the cooperation body manufacturers Zagato of Milan. Chopard is responsible for making engine-automatic chronograph; Zagato joined the body-shape design. Engine is an automatic chronograph movement, with date and second time zone display. The movement through Switzerland officially certified (COSC), 42.5 mm diameter stainless steel case by DLC class drilling carbon coating processing, has a very high wear resistance. Mille Miglia Zagato integrated chronograph chronograph start/stop button and bezel red pairing button marked in red at the top. Bright red leather stitching is one of the classic features of Zagato. Brand logo, a forceful letter z-Crown decoration of the atmosphere. Dial and bezel stereo image is specially designed for this watch, edges more distinct, full of sense of movement and the design concept of the partnership.

Royal Ruby Athens lure flying Tourbillon-Red

Royal Ruby Athens lure flying Tourbillon-Red

Royal Ruby flying Tourbillon noble and magnificent master works, is the party's most beautiful scenery. Watch jewel all craftsman hand-inlaid into, works fine. Time scale to 12 rubies marking of inner ring, outer ring 48 white diamonds pair. Ruby diamond hardness of gemstones, via Athens table gem craftsman of fine cut precious stones top platinum is now 41 mm case. With gorgeous crocodile leather strap as well as Platinum Folding Buckle, vividly embodies what's luxury and elegance. Dial with bold use of bright Ruby, Tourbillon with top watchmaking appliances complement each other on the Red disc, Haute Horlogerie can't resist the charm. Watch mechanical inspiration from Switzerland famous watchmakers zhanmusibiledun (James Pellaton), and Ruby crystal plates. Face plate on the flying Tourbillon magically floating in the air, as if out of a gravity-like rotation. Hollow core parts neatly arranged on the dial, showing extreme balance aesthetics. Chain on a red face plate match the stealth mechanism, elegant and mysterious.

Yakedeluo gold leaf sky small carved enamel Dial Watch-classic red

Yakedeluo gold leaf sky small carved enamel Dial Watch-classic red

Yakedeluo gold leaf sky small carved enamel Dial Watch, from the 18th century antique gold leaf embellishment to Grand enamel surface plate for this watch to win "vintage lace" reputation, brand Paillonn e secrets of enamel technology. 1000 degree high temperature fire burned in forging Grand color enamel pan to warm and satiated a table, timeless quality to become yakedeluo consummate skill of deductive models. When fired into semi-finished products, emerged unscathed-master slender gold leaf have been placed on the translucent enamel, arranged in unique patterns. This not only old Polish deep skill, need more careful refinement of scientific computing. Gold leaf leaves low melting point and subject to degrees of calcination da fire enamel, seemingly irreconcilable contradictions, it is yakedeluo amazing together, the achievements of rare works. What gorgeous blooms to the face plate on the flowering of art, story telling craft whose dazzling epic.


Hermes "h Cube Arceau" watch life-Red

Straw brings inspiration for this watch, Herm s artisans of each straw color, shadow, and fiber direction, and then set it to on the dial. Cutting each part individually in the unimaginably small space Assembly, pattern of reshaping h-Cube perspectives features, this is the watch's unique place, and described by Henri d'Origny Arceau watches have similar good. Geometric pattern on the dial with a round white gold case diameter 41 mm frame, ear is not the rule table, driven by H1837 self-made movement. Being a woman good

Luojiedubi Velvet an interesting anecdote concerning senior jewelry series watch

Luojiedubi Velvet an interesting anecdote concerning senior jewelry series watch

WATCHES&WONDERS on display at the Velvet an interesting anecdote concerning a series of stunning fine jewelry watches. Velvet series symbolize Diva quixotic image world, perfect exudes feminine elegance and bright charm. This exquisite Passionate Diva diamond fine jewelry watches studded with gorgeous Ruby 13.6 carats total weight, is a combination of watchmaking and jewelry the perfect timepiece for two major processes. Ruby is one of the world's most rare and precious, brand through consistent with the cut, clarity, color and origin and quality standards of strict filters to select the most excellent natural Ruby, is considered a symbol of love, victory and success, citing Roger Dubuis Roger du he unparalleled professional technology and the excellent quality of excellence.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe "fire dragon" pocket watch

Patek Philippe "fire dragon" pocket watch with decorative open face Pocket Watch decorated with cloisonne and hand-carved dragon Medallion. Gold styles. Movement Caliber 1-17 LEP PS IRM. Manual-winding. Power-reserve indication. Small seconds subdial. Bottom: total time up to 250 hours of hand engraved and enamel technology. "En model " the Dragon Medallion hand-carved striations as well as backgrounds need uncompromising attention to detail to complete after 100 hours, and build a cloisonne background took nearly 150 hours.

J12 returned CHROMATIC mysteries titanium ceramic watch

J12 returned CHROMATIC mysteries titanium ceramic watch

Perfect for this line is perfectly round and elegant watches 47 mm in diameter, no obstacle to the Crown, wrist wear more comfortable. To achieve this new bold design, Chanel entrusted the high precision watchmaking in the field one of the most creative design team: team led by Giulio Papi (under the APRP SA subsidiary) with meticulous research in high-tech precision titanium ceramic and 18K white gold wristwatch, is the ultimate flawless crystal.

Piaget Emperador cushion-shaped watch

Piaget Emperador cushion-shaped watch

Piaget Emperador cushion-shaped watch, 42 mm in diameter. 18K rose gold case. 18K rose gold hour markers dial available. Transparent Sapphire Crystal caseback. Powered by Earl 835P Flyback hand-wound mechanical movement.

Returned pointer: Jaquet Droz (yakedeluo) returned calendar moon phase watch

Jaquet Droz (yakedeluo) calendar moon phase (Perpetual Calendar Eclipse) watches the leisurely scenes new moon phase changes, two straight pointer traveling low and deep deep black big fire enamel "Grand Feu" on the dial, with another two tip of Crescent twists and snake-like pointer exist side by side. Calendar display distribution on both sides of the dial: the right side displays the date, week is displayed on the left side. Month display at the 12 o'clock position only equipped with a pointer through which, with a secret leap year window. Six o'clock position round with Black Onyx gold months indicates that the window's closing appeal month let. Or hidden or the Moon, light overlap until they have lost, the entire dial like dot 8 stars (8 brand lucky number) views of the sky.

LeCoultre blue wings stereo double axis Tourbillon wristwatch

Innovation works Duom Tre Sph stereo rotourbillon double wing double axis Tourbillon wristwatch with unequalled mechanical properties, grace and magnanimity of excellence complex functions to meet the expectations of the most discriminating watch enthusiasts and collectors. Master watchmakers and jewelry co-operated to improve craftsmanship shows Grande Complication of large and complex function series new Duom Tre Sph- rotourbillon Blue Blue Wings stereo double axis Tourbillon wristwatch, casing the outer ring inlaid rectangular cut diamonds, and with deep blue dial.

Athens fantasy Cruiser Tourbillon watches

Watch design concepts and techniques in watchmaking is unprecedented, is still a feat unmatched. No dial and hands, "fantasy Cruiser" Tourbillon movement moving display time, the lower bridge plate Watch Center, displayed as hours, and upper deck contains a set of gears, Gossamer and Athens exclusive bi-directional Silicon escapement show minutes. Watch known as the Carrousel Tourbillon, as the name suggests this system broke away completely from float free, because the watch no longer needs like a previous generation movement axis, by Sapphire Crystal glass surface throughout the movement to support the entire structure. Case diameter 45 mm, with crocodile leather strap even the folding clasp. "The wonder Cruiser" awesome like a deep sea treasure, 18K rose gold and 18K Platinum two materials are available. When worn on the wrist, leads you to a dream of the sea.

Richard Mille Tourbillon Giant Panda watch

This jewelry design of the watch is Richard Mille2013 new, watch 18K red gold and the gold and diamonds and sapphires inlaid, limited edition of 15 pieces. 18K Platinum carved out of giant pandas is what's defining characteristics, the background is a bamboo forest, lined with yellow gold carved and hand-painted bamboo leaves and bark. Cute Panda outfit, showing Richard Mille fine watchmaking.

R p e tition Hommage minutes three watches

Limited edition of 8, carrying three-minute repeater complications Hommage r p e tition minutes three questions-Watch Roger Dubuis (luojiedubi) is the embodiment of all values: courage, dedication, character, excellence and virtuosity. The table craftsmanship to new limits, make precision design of mechanical structure and perfect harmony one. Structure of the tables with the most sophisticated machinery and the most precious materials, deduced the time elusive qualities. Table shell built-in RD808 self-winding mechanical movement with double platinum micro-rotor, the movement carries three minute repeater devices with centrifugal flywheel gear reducer. Around a dark gray ring shows that beauty brings unparalleled Visual and sensory experience. This remarkable precious timepieces won the demanding Geneva quality mark (Poinon de Gen ve), with elegant style and reliable performance to a perfect control of your time.

Piaget Emperador Kings super thin pillow Minute Repeater

Continue to redefine the creative invention "will always do better than" motto, count clock art, ultra-thin watch attainments and original design aesthetic and beautiful pure sound quality beat out the most beautiful chords. A Symphony of music stirs in outstanding, only count new Emperador Kings super thin pillow minute repeater automatically interprets it the highest good music. From the perfect harmony of tradition and modernity, 1290 calibre reveals a show unusual balance of aesthetic point of view. In a table on one side of the bridge, miniature automatic switchboard, Ming framed letter p of the count's regulator, c TES de Gen ve Geneva ring-like structure of corrugated and gear wheel, fully embodies the most recognized classics of the count family code. At the side of the bottom plate, radial pattern engraved pattern cut the circumference of the Sun was divided into 60 equal parts, giving it more grinding style signature, this grain has pioneered the use of other specific movement of dcor. Sapphire Crystal dial provides a viewing this unique limit movement under the accurate execution of the show's wonderful landscape and watch a tonal, strengthened the overall visual impact.

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